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Accessorize for Maximum Impact

Titan Playset Jumpflex Basketball Net (2).jpg

Basketball Net

Kids will love practicing their slam dunks, dribbling and jumpshots on their trampoline. With a soft backboard, there will be plenty of rebound action!

Once they've developed their ball skills, it will be game on! Kids will have a blast challenging their friends, family and neighbors to a game of basketball. It will keep them entertained for hours!

Titan Playset Jumpflex Water Attachement.jpg

Aqua Jet

Easily attaches to your garden hose, the Aqua Jet is specifically designed to attach to your trampoline. It comes with a 1 year warranty, a 180 Degree adjustable head so you can change the water direction, and multiple spray function with 6 different spray settings including mist and jet spray settings.

Titan Playset Jumpflex Sunshade.jpg

Sun Shade

Shade is one of the most comfortable forms of personal protection from ultraviolet radiation (UVR). One of the main benefits of shade cloth is that it provides as much as 95% UV block while still allowing air to pass through. Simple to install and remove.

Titan Playset Jumpflex Flipboard.jpg

Flex Board

Maximize the fun with our trampoline bounce board! Learn how to do awesome trips and flips and discover a new way to use your trampoline. The Flex Board is a soft and flexible board, made of EVA foam. It attaches securely to your foot or shoe with velcro straps. The board size is 33 inches (L) and 11.8 inches (W), weights 3.08lbs. It's easy to use, sturdy, and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Titan Playset Jumpflex Slide.jpg

Trampoline Slide

Create a safe, fun and easy way for your little ones to get off and on the trampoline!​ Comes with a 1 year warranty. Has a slide weight limit of145lbs.

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