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Typical of most businesses, the Titan Playset Company was formed by a group of fathers, after having less than desirable experiences with designing, purchasing, and installing swing sets and playsets for our children.


We sought out to create a custom experience that is stress free and customer service focused. The joy and excitement in watching our children play, develop, and evolve, has helped fuel a passion that continues to grow year after year, and it's only fair that we share this excitement with all of you!


We are now in five different locations, with plans to keep expanding! Let us help you create, design, and install a custom swing set, playset and play area that is guaranteed to create lasting smiles and foster an environment that is conducive for your child's emotional and physical growth and development!


Located in Parrish, FL, Howard leads the Florida Chapter. Howard is a retired Marine with a sense of duty and mission accomplishment - he will lead you and your family to a playset fit for battle.  

Located in Omaha, NE, Brian is a founder and the brains behind Titan. He lives to spend time with his family and help other create the same. As an experience tradesman, Brian can create a memory factory for you and our family. 

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