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Titan Playset Jumpflex Trampoline (12).png

Netting: Made from 100% high-strength polyester with an active UV additive that stops sun wear. Woven together using a endless weave continuous knot-free system. Your net is soft, yet incredibly durable, and backed by the best trampoline warranty in the nation. Additionally, the connection to the base ensures no one is able to fall out or get pinched by the springs.

Netting Frame: A safety feature in the design of the netting poles is that they curve away. This significantly reduces the risks of collisions.

Mat: Capable of handling up to 550lbs, makes this one of the highest rated mats in the industry. The mat is secured by 72 180mm extension springs, which makes it one of the toughest and bounciest on the market.

Frame: A strong and durable 42mm frame ensures the system doesn't buckle or take on additional shapes underload. Metal components undergo a 6-layer rust-proofing and durability process. All metal trampoline components are galvanised inside and out with a hard-wearing zinc coating. Visible sections are finished with a UV-resistant black powder coating.

Dimentions: Net Ht - 5.9' Mat Ht - 3' Mat Diameter - 10.5' Frame Diameter - 12' Diameter at widest pt - 13.5'

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