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Earth from Spaceship

Little Titan One Swing

The people of earth need your help! Climb aboard you spacecraft and deploy into the galaxy in order to help identify additional planets that humankind can survive on. Be careful not to run into any alien species, but if you do, you have a one bay hanger to store a smaller craft for attacking or escaping. Good luck, and know that the fate of the human race is depending on you!  

Little Titan One Swing Set.jpg

For backyards with limited space, this compact Swing Set will be the perfect fit. This is a well built, sturdy, and durable swing that includes:

  • A 5'x5'ft Fort

  • 10'ft Wave Slide

  • Ladder

  • 1 Belt Swing

  • Hammock

Little Titan One Swing Set (2).jpg

The swing set is made of Reserve Pressure Treated Pine and uses solid 4x4 timber, making it durable enough to last for years.

This Compact Swing Set features our 5x5 Fort play area (one of the largest on the market), which can  accommodate 3-4 kids at one time. 


The Fort is equipped with an 18” ship wheel and telescope to provide many options for children to exercise their imagination. This playset will provide years of outdoor safe creative fun for your children and their friends.

Layout Dimensions

Little Titan One Swing Set.png

Safety in mind

Titan Playsets is committed to safety! Every Titan swing set, playset, trampoline, or any other backyard apparatus comes standard with anchor sets to ensure your item is safe and secured to the earth. The metal design is extremely durable and built to last. Designed for use with residential swing sets, Titan Playsets has used these in a variety of residential areas, including but not limited to: tents, gazebos, pergolas, and canopies. The 14.75" galvanized steel anchors with auger ensure the stability and longevity of your backyard products.

  • Have peace of mind about your children's playset or outdoor items, knowing that it's safely secured to weather the storm.

  • Designed to provide secure anchoring of residential wooden swing sets

  • Metal anchor has wide auger with galvanized metal hardware for secure attachment to each corner of swing set, pergola, garden shed or playhouse

  • Designed to securely anchor and prevent collapse of playsets in windy conditions

  • Minimally-colored material makes playset hardware virtually disappear

Titan Playset swing set anchors.png

Our goal is to help bring your vision for your child's playset to life. Our team of experienced and dedicated design consultants are postured and prepared to deliver the greatest experience possible so that all you have to do is create joyful and happy memories with you children for years to come. 


We'd love to be a part of your journey, and promise to do our best to ensure that we deliver. If it's backyard fun you're after, then Titan Playsets is your team to make it happen! Click "Get Started" below in order to begin creating memories by scheduling a free in-home consultation today! 

We're in the backyard fun business!

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